MAINTENANCE(services and schedule)









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Maintenance Services and Schedule

  • Once a day, the management office staff check the common areas of the unit.
  • On the day before garbage collection day, the maintenance staff collects trash from the common areas. Once a week, the staff cleans the common areas (see schedule below).
  • Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.
  • The common areas are for everyone's use. We ask that you keep these areas as clean and neat as possible.




Linen change



We supply linens to all residents.

Linens are changed on a regular basis in order to maintain the sanitary conditions. .

You are to change linens piriodially according to the following schedule.




Items Exchange Cycle
Room type A type B type
types of covers Sheet for quilt Every other week
Sheet for futon matress
Pillow case
Others - Bath mat Once a week

                                                                         *The cleaning staff changes the bathmats for A-type rooms.


  •       Check linen change schedule below or on the bulletin board.
  • Clean linens are supplyed on the top of the shoe box the day before the linen change day. After changing your linens, put used linen in the collection bag set in each unit before 9:00 a.m. on the collection day.

  • Please be sure to change your linens on the set dates; otherwise, stains wouldn't be able to remove. In the event that a stain cannot be removed, you will be requested to pay for the damage.


*Schedule of unit cleaning and linen change

for August






Paper recycling schedule for August




Fire safety inspection      ... finished


Inspection schedule


Inspection is held in the following schedule.






*June 28th (Wed)  9:00~16:30

     North Bldg.   (Individual rooms, Unit common areas & Common areas of the building)



*June 29th (Thu) 9:00~16:30


     East Bldg.(Individual rooms, Unit common areas & Common areas of the building)

     West Bldg.(Individual rooms, Unit common areas & Common

areas of the building)





*June 30th (Fri) 9:00~11:30


     Management Bldg.




For the detailed schedule, click the picture below


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Inspection will cover all smoke detectors in the buildings both common areas and individual rooms to confirm the proper working of facilities.


Residents presence during the inspection of individual rooms is preferable, but when it is impossible, a member of the staff will carry out after receiving permission from residents.


The inspection will take about five minutes per room.